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Plague – by Michael Grant

July 18, 2011

PlagueBoy, I sure do love these books. Although it may not have looked that way to people around me while I was reading this one. I’m sure my facial expression was one of disgust and I was making all kinds of groans of horror, particularly in the beginning, when the qualities of the titular plague (or plagues, actually) started to become painfully clear. There is some gross stuff in here, people. It didn’t keep me from becoming completely captivated, however.

This is the fourth book in Michael Grant’s Gone series (you can find my review of book two here). In the first book, everyone over the age of 14 disappeared suddenly, and an impenetrable barrier materialized around Perdido Beach. A lot of weird stuff has happened since in the FAYZ, and life isn’t getting any easier now. Food and water are growing more and more scarce, and kids are starting to get sick. Sam leaves on a mission to find a new water source and the Darkness, meanwhile, is finding all kinds of fun new ways to make life difficult for the inhabitants of Perdido Beach and to get closer to its Nemesis.

This installment is as gripping and suspenseful as the previous books in the series, and just as hard to put down. If you’ve read the previous books, Plague doesn’t disappoint. If not, definitely pick up the first one and give it a go. Just try not to read this one before eating.


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