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Tempest – by Julie Cross

January 10, 2012

TempestI have somewhat mixed feelings about this book, but let me just say for starters that I enjoyed it quite a bit more than I expected to. As I have mentioned before, I love time travel stories, and there is a lot of time travel in Tempest, so no matter what, I was bound to enjoy it at least a little bit. I’m always excited to start a time travel book, but then I get worried because it might end up not making any sense. Tempest has its problems and not everything makes total sense, but for the most part, I think it works, as long as books two and three don’t ruin it, which is possible. I am, however, tentatively optimistic.

Jackson Meyer has recently discovered his ability to travel through time. He can make small jumps to the past and then back, but nothing he does ever seems to have an effect on the present. However, when two strange men show up looking for him, and his girlfriend, Holly, is shot, Jackson jumps further back in the past than he ever has before, and this time, things are different. Trapped in the past, he starts looking for a way to change the future and save Holly’s life.

I won’t get into the issues I have with the mechanics of time travel here, because I don’t want to spoil anything, but let it be known that I do have some issues. I also have a couple problems with the Enemies of Time, who I guess are the bad guys, although there is some ambiguity and I’m hoping for a little less black and white in future books. Again, I don’t want to spoil anything, but there are two pieces of information given about them that I have trouble accepting. I’ve also read some complaints about Jackson’s complete unwillingness to tell Holly the truth, and I have to agree. I could understand it at first, but after a while it gets pretty irritating. I’m not one hundred percent invested in Jackson and Holly’s relationship either, which for now is more a point of interest than a complaint. I think it would be interesting if the story ended up going in a different direction, but at this point I don’t really think that’s likely.

What I really liked about this book is how many twists and turns it takes. You think you’ve figured out where the story is going and then everything changes yet again. The time travel aspect makes this especially possible, and I like the ways that Julie Cross uses it, both as a method of gathering information and to shift the plot in new directions. There is so much jumping around in time, and I love that. There are also a lot of tantalizing threads left open for future books, and I’m very curious to see what happens.

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