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Paper Towns – by John Green

January 16, 2012

Paper TownsSo I just recently (finally) discovered the world of nerdfighteria, and have been watching John and Hank Green’s videos on YouTube obsessively, and I figured it was high time I read Paper Towns. And it is, as I was promised by my fifteen-year-old cousin, a fantastic book, about the connections between people and how hard it is to really know another person.

Quentin has lived next door to Margo Roth Spiegelman all his life, and has loved and idolized her since they were kids, though they travel in different circles in school and their path rarely cross. One night, she appears at his window, beckoning him toward a night of adventure and revenge, and he believes that everything is about to change, but the next morning she disappears and he devotes himself to solving her mystery and trying to discover who she really is.

There are so many interesting concept to think about in this book, particularly all the reflections on how people see each other and reveal themselves to others. It almost made me want to try reading “Song of Myself” again. Almost. I had a professor in college who loved Whitman so much that we spent about a third of my American Literature class studying him and that kind of killed the poem for me. But regardless, I liked the way it was used in this book. I loved Q and his friends, particularly Radar, and my favorite parts of the book were when they were all hanging out together. Once I reached Part 3, which is the final section of the book, I was unable to stop reading and stayed up far too late to finish it. If you’re already a John Green fan, chances are you’ve already read this. If you haven’t read any of his books, this is a great place to start!

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