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Fear – by Michael Grant

April 18, 2012

FearOh my God, these books. Somehow, in the year between installments, I manage to forget how thoroughly engrossing and brilliant they are, and then a new one comes out and I remember. Every time. I was instantly sucked in because I love the addition of the points of view from outside the FAYZ. This is the penultimate volume in the series, and everything is coming together, leading up to the sixth and final book.

Things have been pretty peaceful in the FAYZ lately, with Sam and Edilio running things at the lake, and Caine and Albert in charge in Perdido Beach. There’s enough food and water to go around, and no one’s seen or heard from Drake or the Gaiaphage in a while. But all that’s about to change as the barrier starts to turn black, blocking out the sky and taking all the light with it. How long can the kids survive in total darkness, especially with Drake on the loose and the coyotes getting hungrier? The Gaiaphage is growing weaker, but it has a plan and if it succeeds, it will become stronger than ever.

I don’t know how I’m going to manage to wait another year for the next book, but I suppose I’ve managed it for the last four. I think this might actually be my favorite book of the series so far. It’s twisted and creepy but so brilliant, and the way it ends is just…perfect. I can’t explain without spoiling anything, but I love it and I’m so excited for book six.

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