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The Gathering – by Michael Carroll

July 19, 2012

The GatheringI read the first book in the Quantum Prophecy series some time ago (like, years), and I’ve been meaning to read this one for a long time (this is probably true of about ninety percent of the books I read – my to-read list is kind of out of control). So I finally got around to it, and had the pleasant experience of being reminded why I liked the first book so much. The series is quite fun, with likeable characters and a fairly original superhero mythology.

Ten years ago, the superheroes (and super-villains) disappeared mysteriously. The truth they kept from the public was that they had all suddenly lost their powers and were trying to settle in to life as average people. Now, their children are developing superpowers, with Colin and his best friend Danny among them. When they and their families are exposed as superheroes, they are forced to go into hiding at a government facility where the new wave of superheroes is being assembled and trained. But an old enemy is out for vengeance and he will stop at nothing to find and destroy the man who ruined his life.

The Gathering starts out a bit rocky, with some stilted dialogue and quite a bit of background information, reviewing the events of the first book which, granted, I did actually need given how long it’s been since I read the previous volume. So mainly it was the awkward expository dialogue that bugged me at the start, but once the story got going, it improved and I quite enjoyed the plot. I greatly look forward to continuing the series and reading more about the formation of this new team of heroes.

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