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Almost Perfect – by Brian Katcher

August 6, 2012

Almost PerfectI was surprised by how easily and thoroughly this book sucked me in. That feeling of being completely engrossed and unwilling to stop reading is rarer than I’d like these days, so I was thrilled to find myself so enthralled by this – a book without any fantasy or sci-fi, no less!

Logan was recently dumped by his long-time girlfriend and is struggling to get over her until he meets Sage. Sage is beautiful and mysterious and different from anyone else in Logan’s small town, and he is immediately entranced by her. They become close friends, but Logan’s feelings are deeper than friendship and when he finally acts on them, Sage reveals her secret: that she is actually a boy. Logan reacts badly, but in time he reaches out to her and makes an effort to understand and to rebuild their friendship.

This is a powerful book and, I think, an important one. It’s moving and honest and frustrating and, ultimately, optimistic, and it manages to be educational without ever feeling preachy. Sage is a fantastic character and Logan is not always likeable, but he is very real. I spent the whole book wishing for him to do the right thing, and even though he rarely succeeded, he always tried again, and I think he acted better than many, if not most, people would. It’s a lovely book, and it left me with just the right mixture of satisfaction and wanting more, so that for days after finishing, I would find myself wishing I were still reading it.

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  1. September 10, 2012 8:34 pm

    When seeing this review on google, all I could read was ‘I was surprised by how easily and thoroughly this book sucked…’

    • aftran permalink
      September 11, 2012 10:40 pm

      Ha! Well, that’s awkward. Thanks for reading the review anyway!

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